Injured at Work? Let Us Help


If your job involves repetitive movements, or lifting, pushing or pulling heavy equipment then you are among the thousands of Australians considered to be at high risk of experiencing an injury at work. If you work in an office environment, extended periods in front of the computer may also put you at risk, as awkward or stationary postures can cause chronic joint and muscle pain. Although employers will have safeguards in place to prevent these injuries from occurring, 2.5% of patients who visit a GP have done so to seek medical advice on injuries sustained at work.

Without the appropriate intervention and advice on corrective measures, the severity of pain in any workplace can become chronic and in serious cases, lead to a reduced quality of life.

In addition to the physical consequences, poorly managed injuries can cause stress and fear for the injured worker, which may affect their family and work colleagues.


Research shows that employers that take a proactive approach to injuries will yield the best return to work outcome. When an employer has an established return to work program, it demonstrates they are concerned with their staff’s health and well-being and are actively seeking ways to accommodate their recovery. It is important that the injured worker receives a prompt and accurate medical assessment from highly experienced health practitioners who are prepared to address all the relevant aspects of workplace injury and remove the barriers to return to work.


Alfred Imaging combines state-of-the-art imaging technology, highly experienced technical staff and occupational injury specialist radiologists to make our workplace injury management service the most convenient, prompt and accurate in diagnosis and management.

Our comprehensive service includes:
  • Diagnostic Imaging:
    • MRI
    • CT (High Definition & Low Dose)
    • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
    • X-ray
  • Image Guided Injections for pain relief
  • Priority appointment booking
  • On-site musculoskeletal and interventional radiologists
  • Single point of contact for Workers Compensation claims
  • Australian Medical Association (AMA) approved Workers Compensation fees


Our team consists of internationally fellowship trained musculoskeletal radiologists. We specialise in diagnosing and treating all types of injuries sustained in the workplace, including:

  • Fractures
  • Back pain
  • Joint or muscle conditions
  • Sprains and strains


We know from experience that a willingness to communicate and cooperate with all parties involved in the rehabilitation process (e.g. other health practitioners, employer representatives, workers compensation authorities) can make a big difference to the management of injured workers and their speedy recovery.

We have a Workers Compensation Coordinator available at each practice to make the claim process simple and fast. Our claim guidelines are based on information required by Australia’s leading Workers Compensation Insurance providers and we can liaise with other key stakeholders to ensure that employees receive the right entitlements.


If you are a referring doctor, an employer or legal representative of an injured worker, you can call our Workers Compensation Coordinator to establish a partnership with your organisation so that your patient or client can be fast tracked through the process.

If you are a patient, you must bring the following to your appointment:
  • Doctor’s referral
  • Previous scans
  • Work Cover claim number
  • Written Approval from your case manager
  • We’ll do the rest.